About Acerbic

*A provisional presentation that is subjected to future modifications.*

Acerbic distribution has been around since 2010 as a self-organized book and booklet distribution collectiove, whose principal goal is to make anarchist and other radical political writings more accessible to a wider circle of interested readers. It is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Acerbic is lately predominantly focused on establishing its own publishing department. First results are already printed, but our ambition is to develop this experiment further. The latter notwithstanding with a bit of luck it is still possible to get a hold of some interesting piece of anarchist and other radical political writing that crossed our path.

All the work that we invest in Acerbic is voluntary. Any and all donations that we might receive are welcome and will be used in our publishing efforts which continue to be firmly rooted in ethics and practices of DIY and mutual aid.

The name Acerbic distribution is a result of a trivial game. To us it relates to the experimental relation to the banalities of everyday life that would go beyond and against cynicism and defeatism. It is also connected with a social experiment whose scope as of yet remain unknown.

The best opportunity to engage directly with Acerbic distribution iz the regular alternative market in Metelkova (AKC Metelkova mesto), Ljubljana. This should be possible every second Tuesday of the month, in late autumn and during the winter in Menza pri Koritu, in spring and early autumn outside at Trg brez zgodovinskega spomina.