Own production

Throughout the years Acerbic has published quite a few booklets in a DIY fashion. In all of these cases print runs were relatively small and additional prints made on the basis of clear need for them. Some of those editions are still around and can be obtained through regular Acerbic distribution channels, yet many are not available anymore. In 2018 Acerbic launched a new series of pamphlet editions for which it joined forces with Tiskarna OF. The results are of better quality and higher print runs that now vary between 100 and 200 copies. In 2019 first english-language edition was published. All the texts that we publish are freely available on our webpage, though only in provisional pdf version.

Acerbic is a publishing and distribution collective and is does not claim any autorship over the texts that it publishes. Not even for those whose authors remain not listed. The decision about (not) publishing the name(s) of author(s) of a specific text rests with the author(s) themselves. Whenever editions are co-published in cooperation with other initiatives this is explicitly stated. For any questions regarding authorship, distribution, re-printing and any trivialities in relation to our editions write to acerbic at riseup.net. The same applies if you have any errata corrige contributions.

With a bit of language or browsing skills you might be able to use the version of this page in Slovenian.

Counter-economy: experiments of the anarchist movement [2019] [36 pages]

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